Sunday, September 6, 2009

Well, so much for alone time last night. My wife got a call yesterday that one of her friends was in town and her family was having a bonfire. We have a good relationship with the family and I found myself only slightly reluctantly agreeing to go. That was a mistake. We arrived to find the place packed with people. Some I had met previously, some were new to me, none I wanted to deal with. The rest of the night was spent with me nodding my head and uttering noises such as "yup", "uh huh" and "hmmmm" as I tried to find new ways to dodge the drunken conversations constantly being thrown at me. I rarely drink. I have found that with my meds and all of my, lets say "issues" for lack of a better word right now, that alcohol does not improve things. In fact, in a situation such as last night where I felt rather trapped inside my own skin having to listen to all these people and their banal chatter, things would not have worked out. Luckily I was able to make my way out of the throngs and wound up in a conversation with the father who I do respect.

So several hours later I was escorting my wife, who was more than buzzed, less than completely drunk, home to bed. That is always fun. Nothing better than trying to get a drunk person to bed when you are bone dry sober.

So yesterday was not the day I had hoped for. My plans for today were rather involved so I decided to scrap them for a more relaxed plan. I feel like today is my own now, to do with as I please. So I shall relax, catch up on some blogs I am following, go out to breakfast and possibly accomplish something around the house. But if I don't then that is ok too. Today is mine. Hopefully this relaxed attitude, which already feels good to me, will allow me to be more productive. Possibly I will have the chance to even catch up on my book about Buddha's teachings.

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