Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I am back to feeling very blah. No emotion. Not happy, not sad. Not manic, not depressed. Just kind of straddling that line like my mind does not know which way to go. I have a psych appointment tomorrow to go over my meds. I will have to think about how to express my feelings about everything. I am horrible at being able to sum things up. I can never explain how I feel properly enough.


  1. I have literally kept myself up at nights trying to figure out how I could express my symptoms to my psychiatrist, I even kept a notepad by the bed so i could write it down if something came to me that seemed to make a lot of sense. Maybe, just maybe if I can figure out something different to say, it will be an insight into some magical dosage that will make me all better.

  2. Try and write down your feelings and it might be easier to "sum it up" as you put it. It took me quite awhile in therapy, over three years now, to get out what I want to say.

    I'm not sure how much time you get, that always stresses me out. Writing down what I want to cover really helps.

  3. I get like that alot of the times. It is very discouraging to me.Seroquel use to help keep me pretty stable and help me sleep through te night. But not so anymore. To many life troubles. IN wellness


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