Monday, September 14, 2009

So my sleep cycle is still way off. I am oversleeping way too much. My sleep quality has gone down hill a bit. I am having a lot of dreams that are very vivid and tend to relate to something that happened that very day. They are the types of dreams that tend to happen when you are in that state of sleep where you are almost awake but not quite. Does that make sense? Maybe that is my problem. I am not falling fully asleep, just going into a very light sleep like state. I will have to try some tylenol pm tonight, maybe that will help.

Meanwhile I am going to take a nap (yes, more sleep) and then I will have to try to accomplish some things around the house. The wifey wants to cook dinner tonight so maybe a good home cooked meal will help too.


  1. I usually have really weird dreams when I'm just falling asleep. It's at that point where you know you're nodding off but you're not quite there.

  2. Exactly! The only problem is I am in that in-between sleep state all night long.


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