Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The art of listening.

So I am reading this book and it talks about being a good listener. I would like to be a better listener. I remember not having anyone to listen or care about what I had to say when I was young. It was horrible. After a while you simply do not talk for fear of the reprisals. The yelling and screaming and being told you are an idiot for whatever you just said or asked. That was usually better than the slap across the head and being told to shut up but it was usually a coin toss. I would like to think I could come out of that and be better for it. Gain something from it all. Give it a reason for having happened. I think I could be a great listener if it wasn't for my short attention span. I lose track of things in mid sentence. It sucks. I'll ask someone a question and ten minutes later realize I didn't hear the answer. That's adhd for ya. Maybe someday my meds will be balanced enough to where I could be a better listener. Overall I would rather listen than talk. I have my blog for expressing myself. Even if I only have 2 wonderful, absolutely fantastic followers. (A little unashamed sucking up for those that visit this site.) This anonymous splatter of words I throw up on these pages is actually making me feel better. I can see the therapeutic relief it brings. Since I do not go to a therapist per se, just a psychiatrist for my meds, it is nice to finally put these thoughts somewhere besides locked in the back of my head.

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