Saturday, August 29, 2009


Here is a common thread I have been reading in other people's blogs. Relationships getting screwed up. Look, I am not trying to be a Dr. Phil here by no means. And lord knows I have screwed up more than my fair share of relationships. Hey, if you are bipolar it is gonna happen. One key element that has made my marriage work. It actually brought us from the edge of divorce back to happy, happy, happy (most of the time). TALK IT OUT!

Communication is so key that I could not even begin to describe it. Now there is no way I am open about everything but I used to be completely closed. Kept it all inside. My wife finally got me to open up, little by little, until I could freely tell her things. If she had not been so persistent we would not be together today. But she got me to talk. About all of it (well, almost) what I was thinking about, how I felt about certain people like my in-laws. I now know I can come to her and tell her anything. I choose to keep some secrets but that is for my own sanity. I am selfish and enjoy having something for myself.

She taught me to be open. Not to everyone, just her. And it makes us work. This has been my only relationship to go more than 8 months and it has been roughly 5 years. I would not try this with anyone but if you think he/she is the one then try it. Little by little. No need to scare the shit out of them with what is in your head all at once.

If you doubt me then fine, but feel free to ask me more also.

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