Friday, August 28, 2009

I am bored like you could not believe. I refuse to turn the tv on for fear of where that will lead. Instead I am sitting here doing nothing. I have a book I would like to read but I know this is not the day for it. No way my head will stay focused long enough to keep track of a single paragraph.

Maybe I will try some meditation. I have been reading a lot about Buddhism lately and it really intrigues me. It might just be the spiritual path I have been looking for. I have read about how meditating can be beneficial to the mind and help with my focus. Problem is trying to slow my mind down to less than a thousand thoughts per minute. I guess I will probably just chalk this up to a bad day and let it pass. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Meanwhile I may try some Bukowski. Poems are nice and short, allows me to focus for a few seconds and then wander while I build up the mental strength to tackle another.

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